The Horses

Mongolian horses were the Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles of the thirteenth century. These indefatigable steeds once carried the all-conquering Mongol warriors across half the world. Diminutive, sturdy, fearless, wild and unbelievably tough, they're rightly revered in Mongolian culture,  and have changed very little over the centuries, free as they are from human interference.

These are small horses, so you’ll need to travel light - just 5 kgs of essential survival kit. And we won’t accept anyone who weighs more than 85 kgs dressed to ride. 

In the months prior to the event we select around 1400 of these feisty little beasts, and they all undergo a Derby training program of regular ridden work to prepare for their Derby dash. They belong to local nomadic herding families and breeders along the 1000km route. Horse welfare is our primary concern and all of the rules we have put in place are designed with the horses in mind.

horse cutout.png