Veterinary Support 

Medical Support 

All being well, you really are on your own, and you’ll be oblivious to the miracle of back-up and logistical support going on around you.

What you will be aware of however, is the Derby's sophisticated web of veterinary support. You'll carry a vet card and every single horse that takes part is rigorously checked before and after they take part. Any riders deemed not to be taking proper care of their horses will be penalised. 

We give you a satellite tracker and emergency beacon which allows Derby HQ to see where you are at all times and to dispatch veterinary assistance if required. It also means we can keep our vet support at the optimum distance to all our riders and horses to ensure a rapid response.

Our fabulous team of Mongolian and international vets will be led in 2015 by Helen Tiffin who has worked on the Derby in 2012 & 2013 and presided on the finish line in 2013.

Since this is a very dangerous event the Mongol Derby does have a degree of medical back-up. This is provided by the marvelous people at Prometheus Medical who are ready to deal with all manner of medical mishap. Their two mobile medical units are not just packed to the rafters with medical gubbins and supremely qualified medics, they also have satellite phones and trackers galore so we can get them in the right place as fast as the steppe will allow.

As a rider you'll get a satellite tracking device and emergency beacon which shows us where you are at all times even if you haven't got a clue. The data from the trackers is monitored by Derby HQ so we can keep the emergency support vehicles in the right area. Should you find yourself in a medical emergency you press a button on the tracker and the nearest team will be sent to your aid.

Because this is all about having a real adventure, the emergency back-up won't be visible unless you need it.