You need to get to Ulaanbaatar under your own steam but once there you will be enfolded into our collective bosom - Adventurists Mongolian Equestrian Branch - from the 1st August onwards.  

We will confirm the training venue nearer the time but provisionally it will be the Ramada Hotel on the Western side of the City Centre. We'll kick off at 9am on August 1st.

We will get you to the start line on August 2nd, and home from the finish line on August 15th. It won't be a luxury transfer as these things do not exist in Mongolia.

Ahem. 'Luxury' transfer. Mongolia-style

We will give you this nugget of advice directly from Derby Chief Katy: 

"Don't book a flight out before the morning of the 16th. 

Vehicle transfers invariably take longer than expected, plus we will have had a closing party on the night of the 14th. I for one won't be wrestling 40 ashen-faced zombies onto the bus home prematurely just so a small minority can get to the airport for a flight on the 15th.  

If you are dead set on getting home before the 16th we can help you arrange a private transfer from the finish line, with pleasure, but you will have to pay for it."



Best flight routes are via Seoul with Korean Air, via Moscow with Aeroflot, from Berlin with MIAT, or via Beijing with any number of carriers, with MIAT or Air China flying daily from Beijing.  Turkish Air is another option which is cheap, at c.£800 from London, but the luggage allowance is rubbish, you touch down twice en route which allows them to fly you on short haul planes.  In short you need a strong constitution to arrive in good shape.  

From London you can expect to pay £1200-£1500 for Korean Air, or £900-£1200 for Aeroflot.  

MIAT is around the EUR 1000 mark from Berlin.  

Some 2015ers reported a good service with Turkish Air after all.  the good thing about going all on a single carrier is that your luggage is marginally less likely to get lost. Or, to be more specific, it's as likely to get lost but it will get retrieved and sent on much faster.

A smart option is Round The World Experts, who do a lot of our flights wrangling for us here at Adventurists Towers.  They have pretty competitive prices and they have a free ‘Travel Butler Service’ which enables you to change departure flights without being charged hefty penalties, they call the airline and investigate alternative flights and you just pay the alteration fee. If you purchase fully flexible tickets you can even change to a completely new airport.

To get a callback with some price info you can reach them on: or call 0844 560 9852.