Entry Fee

The 2018 Derby costs $12,995. For that you get: 

The Horses
25-27 horses depending on the course design, plus 3 for training along with the 150 herders needed to get them where they should be when you need them. And the use of a custom built saddle designed to carry you 1000km.

The Support
A team of vets to care for your horses, a team of medics to care for you, should you need it and a race crew to ensure the race is run fairly and smoothly. Behind all this a massive cast of drivers & interpreters and the piles of technology, medicine and vehicles they need to do their jobs.

Pre-race Training
Three days of medical briefings, veterinary briefings, technical training, and riding practice, both on the steppe and in the classroom.

The Course
A 1000km mapped out course with 25 horse stations to feed you and provide you with shelter. A start line camp for training, a party and launch ceremony. A finish line for the dramatic conclusion and necessary back-slapping.

Tech & Knowledge
Use of a tracking device so your followers back home and the race crew know where you are and an online blog where you can shout about what you are doing. Expertise from Derby HQ and our endurance riding experts in the lead up to the Derby.


The 2018 Derby will run from 5th - 18th August

5th August: Pre-race Training in Ulaanbaatar and travel to the Steppe
The rules of the race, the crew and weigh-in. Bus to the Steppe.
6th -7th August: Pre-race training on the Steppe
Navigation, survival and meet the Mongolian Horses
8th August: Start gun fires
17th August: Final race day and closing ceremonies
18th August: Return to Ulaanbaatar