The Ngalawa Cup is a highly dangerous adventure. You risk your health and your life by participating in it. The website is written in a light-hearted manner, but you must not underestimate the risks involved in undertaking this kind of adventure.

Your chance of dying is significantly increased for the duration of your time partaking in the adventure. This is not a glorified holiday. 

You will be sailing through open water. You risk drowning and sunstroke. The environment can be aggressive and inhospitable. You may find yourself far from the nearest hospital when you need medical attention. 

Do not underestimate the danger of this event. 


You need insurance. Make sure your insurance company knows exactly what you are doing: Ngalawas are a bit shit. You are going to take part in a multi-day, unsupported race off the coast of Tanzania. 


You can check with the Visa Machine or your consulate if you require a visa. Most foreigners can buy a visa for $60 at the port of entry to Tanzania.


We require a deposit for the Ngalawa, tracker and flare of GBP500 per boat.

We rather like our Ngalawas. The refundable deposit acts as our insurance in case one of them is irreparably damaged or the equipment we supply gets lost. A lost tracker would be around 200. Flare gun would be 75ish. 

Once all the boats and equipment has been checked we will begin processing the deposit returns. This is likely to begin about four weeks after the event finishes.

Medical Advice

Tanzania is a malaria area. 

Check with your travel clinic which inoculations and vaccinations you require.

For minor injuries and illness you could choose to pack a basic first aid kit.  We recommend sunscreen and insect repellent. You can have that one for free. 

At training, we'll ask you to complete a medical history form in case you need to be seen by emergency personnel.