Initial Preparations

Stuff to consider after soon after signing up.

Get Insurance

Getting travel Insurance should be the first thing on your list, if for no other reason than to experience the sexy adrenaline packed world of actuaries and liabilities. It might also be important as some good cover will mean you're not out of pocket if the teams rally plans cave in before the launch an the refund period has expired.

Believe it or not the Mongol Rally is also actually pretty dangerous. Lots of very bad things can happen to people on the roads between the UK and Mongolia. Some of these bad things can be expensive, some of these bad things require medical evacuation by helicopter to a country with medical facilities which can cost millions. To prevent these bad things from flinging you into a paupers jail for the rest of your life, we recommend decent medical cover.

The folks at Campbell Irvine have been insuring ralliers for a decade now so they know the general score. They understand the risks on our adventures and are comfortable offering cover to any teams based in the EU. They are not the only insurer available but remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that the company you use understands what the Rally entails and the risks involved. Many insurers may reject your application on the basis that their policies cannot cover you for the risks involved in doing something like the Mongol Rally - so you may need to research your options extensively and persistently.

Campbell Irvine are a seperate organisation, so if you are interested in what they have to offer or have any questions about the cover they offer you need to contact them directly. Telephone +44(0) 20 7937 6981. Email 

For Vehicle Insurance check the 'Your Vehicle' page.

Get your team Mates

You can have as many team mates as can legally fit in your vehicle. It's not essential that you define your team now (the deadline is in June) however the earlier you sign them up the easier it will be to synchronise visa dates and generally anticipate the adventure ahead.

If you are having difficulty getting team mates signed up the first thing you should consider is getting new mates - clearly yours aren't adventurous enough.

If you're not prepared to cut the rope on them though jump into the Find a Team Mate group and see who else is in the same boat - there are always a few others looking to corral some like minded types into an adventure. 

The next is to just rock up on your own - the Mongol Rally is a fluid beast and you'll find people make friends at the launch and then convoy all the way through the adventure, often people will chop and change between cars as well - obviously it's not guaranteed but the additional factor of not knowing who will be on the road with you can make for a more exciting adventure.

Finally you could go by motorcycle - its harder, comes with more kudo's and will definitely result in more stories at the end of it - it can also work out much cheaper (fuel costs, entry fee and on the road repairs all work out cheaper).

Set a budget

The Rally can work out expensive - but it doesn't have to be. Crafty teams have done it for less than £1,000 per person in recent years, including flight's and visa's. 90% of the time spiralling costs can be attributed to purchasing unnecessary gadgets and vehicle modifications before the rally has even begun. Setting a budget early will steer you away from that sort of crap and help keep what's important in perspective - the raw adventure that you signed up for.

Typically people doing the rally spend around £2000 - £3000 each. This includes their pathetic automobile, insurance, flights, visa's, beer, petrol, food, gin, accommodation and the entry fee - in our opinion though the teams who have the tightest budgets seem to come back with the best stories.