Why do we take a deposit?

We rather like the Urals, not least because they are the perfect adventuring machine. So we have to ask for a vehicle deposit of £1000 from each team.

This is fully refundable and only there because we rather like to get the old girls back after you've bashed them about for several thousand kilometres across Siberia. Don't worry about the normal bumps and scrapes, we're well aware that fair wear and tear on the Ice Run constitutes quite a bit of punishment, so you won't get anything deducted for bits of damage caused by the usual rumble and tumble of the adventure.

The deposit is compulsory for every team. If you don't transfer the full deposit in time for it to clear in our account before you arrive for the Run you will not be given keys to your mighty Ural. You'll have to wait behind for the funds to clear in our account before we can give you the keys and wave you off onto the ice roads.

Don't test us out on this one - a few teams have unfortunately tried in the past and didn't think we were serious. They had to watch all the other teams leave without them on launch day and wait until they could sort their deposits out properly, which is rubbish for everyone...

We don't want to deduct any money from your deposit

Money is only taken out of this deposit if you do some really rather serious damage or something incredibly unfriendly like abandoning it without telling The Adventurists and agreeing the arrangements for leaving it behind. If you do have to leave the vehicle en-route for some reason, then money from your deposit will be used to get the vehicle to the finish, and your deposit return could be horribly delayed.

When you arrive in Russia you will be given an 'On the Road' contact number which you can call if you have to leave your vehicle behind for some reason. It's rather important to let you know that while we would always try and keep any costs as low as possible if you have to leave your India before reaching the finish line, it is more expensive for us to organise delivery to the finish line remotely than it is for you to organise a truck while on the ground and in the region.

Of course none of you are considering anything other than a glorious, triumphant arrival at the finish line in a dirty, sweaty fusion of tall tales of adventure and bad personal hygiene, but this is an adventure after all so please make sure you have the 'On the road' contact number with you while you're on the Ice Run.

How to get your deposit back. After the adventure is finished and you've handed your Bike back in something resembling one piece the mechanics give the mighty machines the once-over. Our mechanics tend to look at the ones in better condition first, so if your steed is in a bit of a state it might take a bit longer to be seen. If your glorious sidecar bike is left somewhere 'tween the start and finish line there will be even more of a delay while we retrieve it.

Any questions on the deposit, give us a shout.