You will need insurance to partake in this adventure. You absolutely must have the most rock-solid proven insurance you can find.

You need to ensure your insurers know exactly where you are going and what you are doing, ideally you should get written confirmation that they cover you for the Ice Run.

You absolutely will not be allowed on the Ice Run without insurance.  We'll take a copy of your policy electronically pre-launch.

Go with the Insurance company recommended by the Adventurists. I did the Mongol Rally in 2011 and had a serious accident in Kazakhstan, resulting in the insurance company paying out nearly 500,000. It may cost 20 or 30 quid more than a cheaper insurance company, but they do pay out without hesitation, trust me it could be the best 20-30 quid you ever spent, but hopefully you won’t have to claim.
— Anthony Robinson - Mongol Rally 2012 - The Rubber Ducks


You will need a visa to get you into the Land of Russia, unless you are a Russian national, in which case of course, you won't.

For a Russian visa you will need a letter of invitation before you apply for a visa.

We can help you get an invite and a visa if you are a resident in the UK through our visas arm

We can help you get an invite if you are not a UK resident and may well be able to do the visa as well. It depends on your nationality and the prevailing political goodwill.

It would be a good idea to start applying for your Russki visa in January. To start this process email  Julia is Russian and an expert on getting this pesky bit of paper.

Driving License

You will need an International Driving Licence with Category A stamped in order to be legally viable to ride a Ural on the Ice Run. The rules for what this requires vary in each country. Category A allows you to ride a motorbike up to a weight of 500kg.  You will also almost certainly require a full motorbike license in your home country in order to be insured to take part in this adventure.