This is the adventure that separates the men from the boys and the ladymen from the ladyboys. Adventure doesn't get much sublime than riding an vintage motorcycle and side car 2000km along a frozen river in the Siberian wilderness.

We've distilled the raw ingredients of our adventures into something almost explosive. We bring you vehicles with a predisposition to breaking down, hostile terrain, a vague idea of where you are going, all wrapped in a not very cosy blanket of ice.

The frozen road lies ahead for a 100 miles of empty wilderness. The thermometer slides south as the sun sets. You squint from the wind as the throttle yawns open to reach the nearest village before dark. And then comes the weird grinding sound. 10 minutes later, you know you're on the Ice Run.

Save the World by freezing

As a team on the Ice Run we ask you to raise a minimum of £1000 for charity, at least £500 of which goes to the official charity: Cool Earth. Along with the teams on the other adventures, you'll be helping to save the world one rainforest at a time. Not because we’re tree hugging sandal weavers, but because the world would be shit without them. Read more.