How good do I need to be to take part?

May Taster Weekends with SkySchool

5th-8th May - Train in the UK

11th - 14th May - Train in Spain

The 4 day course will teach you the basics and should get you to a level where you can take a solo flight by day 4.

Apply through The Adventurists for an exclusive 33% discount - £100 a day for the four day course. 

Run by Icarus Race Referee Alex Ledger it's the ideal platform to launch your Icarus training.

Slightly ridiculous though it seems, in principle, without any training you could grab one of these, take off into the clouds and vanish over the horizon.  However, you'll need to prove you're not useless to take part in the Icarus Trophy.

We love adventure and while the Icarus Trophy is a race it is primarily an adventure. So we've beavered away to make this as accessible to anyone as possible - with some training. Have a look below and hopefully if you are a human you will sit somewhere on the spectrum between feckless idiot and professional pilot. 

Official Icarus Trophy Training & Equipment Partners

Our official partners can train you up for the Icarus Trophy, sell you the equipment you need and give you advice specific to the splendid rigours of the Icarus Trophy. If you train with another school we can provide information for your instructors so they can tailor your training and also chat to them direct to make sure they're getting you on the right track for the world's toughest air race. 

We are biased of course but we strongly recommend training with one of our official partners. 

UK & Europe: SkySchool

Run by Alex Ledger, these are the chaps to speak to if you want to train in the UK or over in Spain. Also part of the race management team, they can advise you on kit and give you hefty discounts on training plus package deals including equipment when you're ready to buy your own flying machine. Head to the SkySchool website to find out more or give us a shout at Icarus HQ. 

USA - Fly Halo

Fly Halo's Shane Denherder designed the racecourse for the Pioneers edition of the Icarus Trophy and is also on the race management team. So if you want the inside line on the route he's the chap to train with. Fly Halo are experts and can sort you out with Icarus Trophy specific training and advise on and sell you equipment directly. Head to their website for more or give us a shout at Icarus HQ. 

Australia - High Adventure Paragliding

Run by 2015 champion David Wainright. If you want to jumpstart your Icarus trophy preparations you can't do much better than this. David can train you as well as advise you on kit and tactics. he offers a good pice if you buy kit and training at the same time. Their website is here.

Taster weekend

Great if you're keen but know bugger all.

This is frankly the best thing you will ever do with 4 days of your life. And holy shitting piggy banks is it incredible value.

Most flying schools will have a starter course designed for first timers including kit hire who want to get to grips with paramotoring for the first time (some taster courses may be longer than 4 days). 

Our official UK training partner SkySchool run a 4 day course just for us at a heavily discounted rate. It's aimed at people who know nothing to allow you to give flying a try with a load of other Icarus Trophy intenders. Give us a shout to find out details of the next course available. 

I'm a beginner

Getting you from zero to race ready

Well now. Never let ignorance stand between you and a good adventure we say.

We have teamed up with the awesome training partners above to create a training programme that starts from the assumption that you know little to nothing and takes you through to being race ready.

It will depend on how quickly you learn and how much extra time you put in getting experience but it's probably around 12 days plus the advanced special course of 6 days.

In the UK & Spain SkySchool are doing a bloody good discount on the cost of training.  

I'm a sound pilot

Getting you ready to race

Taking on the world's longest paramotor race is not quite the same as flying over short periods of time or non competitively. So for those of you who are already flying around and have at least 10hrs of flight time, you can skip to the specialist advanced course.

We have a set of Icarus Trophy specific skills you can take to your instructor but we recommend training with one of our official partners if you can. 

If you train with SkySchool, they can sort you out with a 6 day advanced course specially focused on getting you ready to compete in the Icarus Trophy.

Advanced pilot

Checking your credentials

Hats off to you.  Why didn't you tell us about this sport earlier?

Many of you won't need any training to take part. You're already bloody good at flying and now here's the arena to prove it; the longest paramotor race in the world.

However because this is a whole new cup of racing tea everybody will have to qualify for the race by passing a pre-race flying, kit and knowledge test. This applies whether you're a world record holder or trained up specifically for the race. 

SkySchool will host a qualifier 11th - 14th August. Contact them to register. For other opportunities to prove your credentials join the Icarus mailing list.