How the hell do I win this thing?

Basic race structure

To win this bad boy, you need to be the fastest. It’s a single stage race and the first across the finish line is the winner (after any penalty deductions).

Full race rules are in the pilot's handbook. But for now here are the nuts and bolts…

Race open times

To stop you all flying into the ground because you can’t see, we will be shutting the course at night. 

Race day opens: 30 mins before sunrise 

Race day closes: 30 mins after sunset (18:34 on the last day)




We don’t want to organise a wimps jolly across the states. This is the toughest air race on the planet. So you will need to carry everything you need on your person. You don’t need to wash or change your clothes and you can use the canopy as a sleeping bag if you like. This is an adventure so the more you bring the more you will be spoiling it. If you get lost you will need to get unlost.


We will be sticking a satellite tracker on every pilot. So we will know how lost you are even if you don’t.

Spares truck

There are somethings that if they go wrong it’s game over. Like a propeller. The sort of thing you can’t carry. So we will have a support truck which will carry approved spares for you.