So what is this fancy-pants flying machine?

So here it is, the air-beast known as a Paramotor. We think it's one of the most pant-browningly exciting forms of transport on the planet. It's also the most accessible way for anyone to get into the skies.

They are the perfect machine for a ridiculously long distance air race. After all you can only get lost in 2 dimensions on the ground.

Can I really fly without a licence?

Yes, in rather a lot of countries there's no minimum number of hours or requirement to pass a test before you can legally take off and fly. For the Icarus Trophy we will require a minimum level of training.

So what about training?

We've designed this event to be open to all. But if you know nothing about flying at the moment, you will have to go and learn.

The Icarus Trophy has a list of minimum qualifications to fly. New pilots are encouraged to use our official training partners, whereas existing pilots can self-certify their qualifications.

All pilots will be tested at the start line to ensure they're competent. 

Find out more.

Do I need my own paramotor to take part?

Some of you will already be experienced paramotor pilots in which case the solution is probably to look in your shed.

For everyone else there are a few options. We suspect that as soon as your feet leave the ground the first time you will find it hard to stop yourself getting your own flying machine. 

Second hand
Obviously one barrier to having your very own shiny paramotor is the hole it will make in your bank account. The cheapest way to get round this is to buy one second hand and then sell it again after the race (or keep it). That way you will have more time to practice and get used to your machine.

Look around
Whether you plump for new or not-quite-so-new there's loads of information online about it, is a great place to start. Also talk to your instructor when you’re training. We’re producing a guide to choosing a machine with advice from some very experienced pilots.

We're looking at options for you to rent them if you really want to. Because renting a paramotor isn't like hiring a car, you should give us a shout if you're considering this. If you do rent a motor you will still need to buy yourself a wing.

Some Stats:

Maximum Altitude: 4,000 - 6000 meters (depending on kit)
Top Speed: 20 - 45 mph depending on your kit and the number of pies you eat
Cruising Speed: 25 - 35 mph
Empty Weight: 20 kg - 35 kg
Engine Type: 130 cc 2-Stroke
Power Output: 20 - 30 hp
Static Thrust: 60 kg - 80 kg


Enough, enough, I need to race through the sky