What's conquering the skies going to cost me?

Entry fee: £1,450

For that you get:

  • The Race - The chance to compete in the greatest air race on the planet. A course mapped out by top paramotoring professionals

  • The Race Crew - Race marshals to make sure the competition is as fair as possible. The opportunity to match your skills to the best paramotorists in the world

  • Weather Watching - During the race daily weather reports and bad weather warnings

  • Pilot Tracking - The live race tracking map

  • Spares Truck - To carry limited approved spares (spares supplied by pilot)

  • Race News and Media - Daily race reports and social media coverage. Help with finding local, national and international news coverage

  • Discounts on Training - Exclusive training discounts from our training partners

  • Discounts on Kit - Exclusive kit discounts from our training partners

  • The Race Handbook - A copy of the best training book around

  • Start and Finish Line Parties - Bookending the race with pilot briefing and debriefing, but more importantly a party worthy of the world's longest paramotor race

  • The memory of the Icarus Trophy burned into your memory for life. The chance to prove to your friends how great you really are

Other costs

Flights: from Europe about £600 return. If you live in the US, not much.

A Paramotor: you can get them second hand for a few grand or if you pick up a new one as a pilot in the Icarus you will get some tidy discounts on Parajet’s most excellent kit. But this is not just a cost for the Trophy - this will be you set up with your own personal flying machine.

Paramotor shipping: If you live outside the US we will co-ordinate paramotor shipping as a group where we can.

Petrol: About £250 tbc

Training: it depends how good you are really. For some this will not be needed but for many you will be new to the sport. So you may need 18 days training. We will have more details on deals for this shortly.

Hotels: We recommend you camp every night in the wilderness. But you can stay in reasonable hotels for £50 a night if you are feeling weak and can find one.