We're looking for an army of  freelancers to occasionally help out in the fight to make the world less boring.

You'll get to brag about working for the greatest chaos generator in the universe, you just wont have a peg in our cloakroom.

On the plus side you wont have to put up with eight hour meetings with Dan or Katy's inability to do the washing up.


Freelancer #1 - PHP Developer

£25 per hour


We need an elite squad of tech gurus to help with our website, you need to be a PHP developer familiar with Symfony and Backbone. 

We also have a bunch of other things that will need fixing, so let us know what other scripting languages you know.

Freelancer #2 - Graphic Designer

Prices depending on job


We need some pixel picassos to make our website a bit less corporate and somewhat more gritty.

We want to replace the buttons and icons and add some illustrations. Something that portrays the carnage we preach, but not in a cutesy way.