Final Preparations

These are the things we would encourage you not to worry about until the final 6-8 weeks before the rally launches. It's very easy to get swept up in a frenzy of excitement and fear at the adventure ahead - but experience has demonstrated time and again that getting bogged down in details early on is at best a waste of time.

Registering your vehicle with the Adventurists

It’s very important that The Adventurists know what vehicle you are taking on the Mongol Rally (not least so we can deny wholly suitable steeds and publicly shame you if you’re being a bit of a wuss) thus we have a registration process that all teams are required to complete. 

Vehicle registration will be open in early April and must be completed by June 4th. Keep an eagle eye on your email inboxes for further info.


To make sure vehicles aren’t abandoned somewhere that they might be unappreciated (or somewhere that might jeopardise the future of the rally) we take a security deposit from teams. It’s not something we enjoy doing but experience has made it a necessary condition of the rally. For convenience we’ve tied that deposit to the cost of shipping - approximately £850 for cars or £400 for bikes. Once we can confirm the figure we'll let you know.

All deposits are due by June 4th. We'll give you details of how to pay closer to the time.

When you arrive at the finish line in Ulan Ude and all the celebrating is done you'll need to decide if you want to drive home or if you want us to use your deposit to cover the cost of shipping your car to Estonia. If you drive home we’ll start refunding your deposit after the 30th of September.

Gadgets and kit

How can a sat-nav guided journey compare with stories of getting lost as a result of navigating with your 'My first atlas'. How can the ready availability of a gourmet jet boil meal compare with the pure excitement finding a decent food for the first time in a week. How can a goose down sleeping bag compare with tales of setting your last maps on fire to keep warm.

The answer is they can't. The less time and money you spend on gadgets and kit the greater your adventure will be. It's a scientific fact, but don't take our word for it - seek out a veteran of the rally and ask them the percentage of the gear they took with them that they didn't use. We suggest leaving packing until the last week, and making any purchases you think you might need in the last 3 days. With the launch fast approaching you'll quickly be able to separate the essential kit from the 'seemed like it might be useful' kit.