Sophie Wilford - The Steppe Sisters

Sophie Wilford | 32 | UK

Riding experience: Sophie fell in love with riding whilst being thrown off by shetland ponies around 6 years old. To her parents dismay, the passion did not subside when boobs and boys came on the scene and they kindly obliged by buying her a horse and closing their eyes whilst she galloped around cross country courses. 

Sophie has a history of eventing, and has ridden while volunteering and travelling the world. She's currently trying her hand at endurance riding on her 4 year old Anglo-Arab.

Outdoors/ Survival experience: Sophie has trekked in South America sleeping in a summer tent at 5000m. She also rode a motorbike around Thailand with her vet equipment dangling off the back. Not to mention she worked as a vet on the Mongol Derby 2014.

Sophie is raising funds for Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (AVSF). She is riding with Sian Dyson as team Steppe Sisters.