Sian Dyson - The Steppe Sisters

Sian Dyson | 34 | UK 

Riding Experience: Sian has ridden her whole life, though her last competitive event was a gymkhana in her childhood. She decided to sign up for the derby after realising her most outstanding lifetime achievement was getting in the local newspaper for saving a cat. By the end of August she'll be able to use the world's longest horserace as dinner party conversation.

Outdoor/Survival Experience: Sian volunteered on the 2014 Derby where she fell in love with the Derby and realised she couldn't live without it.

I cannot wait for the derby, having worked on it last year. I appear to have left a little chunk of my heart out on the Steppe & now it’s time to retrieve it.
On horseback
— Sian

Sian is raising money for Frenchay Afterburns Children's Club, a charity which she volunteers for. She is riding with Sophie Wilford as team Steppe Sisters.