Maxim van Lierde

Maxim van Lierde | 25 | New Zealand

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Riding experience: Maxim began riding at primary school and, whilst at high school, rode on the school farm, rounding up stock and doing cross-country.  He now does trackwork, riding a team of flat racers and jumpers, and has taken part in breaking and backing displays in New Zealand, using natural horsemanship methods. He has recently completed a masters degree in equine science, focusing on limb deformities in Thoroughbred foals.

Outdoor/survival experience: As a keen hiker, hunter and camper Maxim likes to go on small adventures of his own whenever the opportunity arises, whether disappearing to a remote beach for a night under the stars, a planned coastal expedition down the west coast of New Zealand or chasing a wild pig through the bush.

If you’re not living life on the edge, you’re just wasting space.
— Maxim