Liz Brown

Liz Brown | 34 | Canada

Riding experience: Liz grew up on a farm where her mother ran a riding school. She rode in her first horse show at age five and joined Pony Club when she was twelve, achieving her C2 rating. She’s since worked at horse farms in Canada, the US, Ireland and France. She’s backed a handful of ponies and ridden green sport horses at shows, done combined training, show jumping and dressage and taken a crack at polo. 

Outdoor/survival experience: Liz is used to roughing it and loves sleeping outdoors, going on annual backcountry camping trips in northern Ontario. She has no problem portaging several kilometres and then canoeing all day and ran her first full marathon in 2013 having take part in half marathons the three years previous. In 2014 Liz went on a two week backpacking trip down Central America's Pacific coast, from El Salvador to Costa Rica, riding on chicken buses, navigating Managua and ignoring the warnings from friends and family about the dangers of San Salvador.

I’m the travel editor at a newspaper but it seems to involve a lot of cubicle dwelling and not so much adventuring.

I am bored of running marathons and I want to push my limits.
— Liz