Jennifer Engisch

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Jennifer Engisch | 36 | Switzerland

Riding experience: Jennifer has 28 years of riding experience and has owned and sold many horses over the years. She has won eight World Championship titles and competed in many disciplines including saddleseat, huntseat, western pleasure and trail. Jennifer has trained many problematic horses and has experience with breaking young horses. She has previously exercised 40 Olympic standard show jumping and dressage horses.  

Outdoor/survival experience: Jennifer travels to remote beaches in France and Brazil to kite-surf, camp and catch food from the sea. She is always ready for a new challenge - especially when there are horses involved.  

Why wouldn’t you want to do the Derby? My main interests are horses, travel, adventure and competition... The Mongol Derby packs all that into one big punch.

I can’t wait for August to get started.
— Jennifer