Gerda Pohl

Gerda Pohl | 46 | Austria

Riding experience: Gerda has 35 years of riding experience in Austria, Germany and the UK. She starting with vaulting when she was ten and learnt a lot about equine etiquette and establishing her authority from her first horse, who could be dominant and aggressive. From then on she's had a soft spot for strong-willed and difficult horses. Gerda has ridden horses of all types and dipped her toes into every type of competition but endurance is her favourite. 

Outdoor/survival experience: Gerda grew up trekking in the mountains of Austria and volcanoes of Rwanda. Pre 2000 most of her holidays have involved riding, but has since spent most of her spare time walking to Himalayan mountain villages in Nepal, as part of her work for PHASE. When visiting projects Gerda regularly sleeps out, eats basic food and has the capacity to carry on in spite of blisters, sore muscles and gastroenteritis.

The horses and the people who look after them are probably the biggest attraction. I would love to meet the Mongolians (human and equine) and find out more about them.
— Gerda

Gerda is raising money for PHASE Worldwide a UK charity of which she is a trustee. PHASE Worldwide works to improve health, education and livelihood opportunities for disadvantaged populations in remote villages of Nepal.