Elise Poitrinal

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Elise Poitrinal | 18 | France

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Riding experience: Riding since she was three and hunting since she was ten, Elise has ridden in Bulgaria, Botswana and the US. At the age of fifteen she took on a temperamental, unpredictable and newly broken four year old and trained him in dressage and show jumping. Her riding highlight to date is racing Arabic Barbe stallions on the beach in Morocco. 

Outdoor/survival experience: Elise loves to ride horses in their natural environment and considers her own comfort to be of little importance - being too hot or cold, eating whatever’s available and riding unpredictable horses just makes the experience more exciting. She’s undertaken numerous multi-day hacks and enjoys riding in new landscapes and meeting people from all over the world. When she’s not riding Elise likes to hike and run.  

I can’t wait to feel the wind against my face in the Mongolian Steppes.

I will do everything it takes to complete this adventure.
— Elise