Cathrine Fodstad

Cathrine Fodstad | 40 | Norway

Riding experience: Cathrine took lessons in dressage and showjumping from the age of nine and learned to ride Icelandic horses when studying to be horsetamer, riding instructor and farrier at Holar University in Iceland. With her husband she runs an Icelandic horse and Old Norwegian sheep farm, in Norway’s remote north. Mostly working with young horses, competing has not been a priority for Cathrine… until now. 

Outdoor/survival experience: After three years in the wilderness running a fishing business in the Icelandic highlands Cathrine has had her share of tent-life. She regularly attends sheep gathering events in Iceland as a way of training horses, experiencing Icelandic culture and getting really wet and cold. Like the Derby, the drive involves a change of horse every 30-40 km, not all of them very tame. 

I want to do something grand before I die. I need a good story to tell my grandkids.
— Cathrine

Catherine is raising money for SOS Children’s Villages Mongolia.