Catherine Coward

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Catherine Coward | 42 | UK

Riding experience: Catherine started riding at age of four at a local riding school, where she always volunteered to ride the horses that were prone to bucking, bolting and general bad behaviour. She’s since ridden in Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia. She currently rides in the Yorkshire Dales at weekends and has trips abroad planned to help her in prepare for the race. 

Outdoor/survival experience: Catherine is a proper outdoor sports enthusiast - she plays tennis, goes hill walking, scuba dives and competes in sailing regattas, including the Western Hemisphere Championships in Japan. “A week of hiking and being in a dinghy every day takes its toll on your entire body, particularly legs, so I'm equating that to the pain I'm going to feel after long days of riding.”

I can’t think of anything better than racing across the steppes of Mongolia on horseback as an antidote to daily life.
— Catherine

Catherine is raising money for The Royal British Legion and Bransby Home of Rest for Horses.