Cassie Ekert

Cassie Ekert | 30 | Australia

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Riding experience: Cassie has been riding since she was five years old and has owned horses for over ten years. During this time she’s had everything from off-the-track Thoroughbreds to a Paint/Quarter Horse filly which she bred and is breaking her in herself. Her real love is bush riding and she spends most weekends in Perth’s John Forrest National Park with her five year old mare, who she says is mostly well behaved but has a tendency to spook at everything in the bush. 

Outdoor/survival experience:  Cassie has lived near the bush all of her life and loves camping as she claims it gives her a perfect excuse for crazy hair and a lack of showering. She's a pro at tick removal and is used to ten-hour days in fifty degree heat. She’s also worked on a stud farm so knows the difference between leafy water and manure filled water.

The idea of the typical Europe holiday doesn’t interest me. I actually get excited at the prospect of dirty hair and sore muscles.
— Cassie

Cassie is raising money for Cool Earth and Hills Riding for the Disabled