Byeronie Epstein

Byeronie Epstein | 22 | South Africa

Riding experience: Byeronie describes herself as an enthusiastic, tough, feisty horse rider. She began riding at the age of four and began show jumping and eventing with her own pony at the age of ten. From 2005 to 2010 she competed in the South African Championships, winning the 2009 Western Province junior intermediate eventing championships and making it onto the 2010 Western Province junior intermediate eventing team.

Outdoor/survival experience: Byeronie is always on the look out for an adrenalin filled experience. She enjoys both sky and scuba diving and, most recently, has climbed Kilimanjaro - hiking up to 18 hours a day at altitude. She has been chased by a boy with a machete while lost in Mozambique and been caught in a storm in a kayak 90 minutes out to sea. Byeronie is hoping that her past ability to stick it out in tough situations will stay with her during the Derby. She does not give up and is willing to push herself to the limit when chasing a dream. 

I have been waiting for the right time to enter - it’s now or never.
— Byeronie

Byeronie is raising money for two charities. Green Wall of Africa SEE Projects/Rhino SA is a youth-driven outreach and awareness initiative aimed at educating today's youth about the unmitigated and ongoing slaughter of South Africa's rhinos. Reach for a Dream Foundation helps children suffering from life threatening diseases reach their dream.