Bruce Chernoff

Bruce Chernoff | 50 | Canada


Riding experience: Bruce started riding ten years ago following the purchase of an active cattle ranch in Canada. He has since become an avid rider, participating in team roping events. He rides a number of different horses and describes his riding style as confident and capable. He’s been bucked off a few times, broken a couple of bones and ridden young inexperienced horses, dealing with the inevitable spooks and learning required of young horses.

Outdoor/survival experience:  As a student Bruce worked for a mining exploration company in Northern Canada. He worked in remote fly-in only areas for two or three weeks at a time in the bush. Bruce often goes on multi-day hunting trips in high mountain terrain and is confident relying on himself in the wild. 

I want to experience the places and geography that Genghis Khan and his ancestors ruled as well as the physical, mental and emotional challenge.
— Bruce