Andrea Westerdahl

Andrea Westerdahl | 30 | Sweden

Andrea Westerdahl 4.jpg

Riding Experience: Andrea has been riding for 15 years and tried most disciplines, including show-jumping and dressage at an intermediate level. She’s been on riding tours in the UK, Austria, Cape Verde and in the US. She's ridden horses of all sizes and ability and lost count of the number of times she’s been thrown, but always gets back in the saddle. 

Outdoor/survival experience: Andrea is no stranger to mud, sores and insect bites after many days hiking in the Swedish wilderness. She loves the wilderness, has competed in orienteering at an elite level for many years and has recently taken up adventure racing. 

I have come to like the rush of pushing on, when your mind and body scream that the most sensible thing to do would be to lay down and die.
— Andrea

Andrea is raising money for Cool Earth.