Alexander Dobres

Alexander Dobres | 31 | UK

Riding experience: Alexander is a member of Co. Roscommon Hunt, Ireland and also competes in cross country (intermediate class), show-jumping and dressage. His current record in the saddle is six hours and he’s not fazed by bucking, firing and general bad behaviour which he thinks will be invaluable on the Derby. Plus, he can plait his horses tail. 

Outdoor/survival experience: With just six weeks of ice skating experience Alexander completed the Vikingarännet - the world’s longest, toughest, outdoor ice-skating race covering 80 km across Sweden. He’s also a qualified first aid instructor and, not content with land based exploits, is a scuba diving instructor. He has dived all over the world and including cave and wreck diving and up to depths of 96m. 

Is the call-sign Maverick taken?
— Alexander

Alexander is raising money for Amnesty International. His fundraising page is here.