Catriona Paterson

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Catriona Paterson | 36 | Canada

Riding Experience: Riding since she was a child, Catriona learnt on a series of badly behaved but much loved ponies. She currently works in the City and tries to ride whenever life allows. Usually this is a hack out at weekends or a week on the trail when travelling. She rode in the 2013 Derby but didn't finish and is back to see it through. 

Outdoor/survival experience: Catriona uses her holidays to catch up on her riding. Most recently she has  been to Jordan ("good weather, good horses and easy going") and Kyrgyzstan ("bad weather, leaky tents and by far the better trip"). Catriona is more contented when she has exhausted herself than when she has done something 'relaxing'. The idea of a package holiday or a week in a resort is sure to induce a sense of claustrophobia in her. She finds the prospect of the Derby a little intimidating but she wants to do it anyway. 

I want to experience what horsemanship meant, in the days before train or car travel.
— Catriona

Catriona is raising money for Lotus Children's Centre