Petra Sundström

Petra Sundström | 34 | Sweden

Riding experience: Petra started riding at a young age and has since ridden all over the world including a solo, year long trip in New Zealand and an unsupported crossing of South America which she cites as her longest, hardest tour to date. The crossing took three months with her husband and four horses and a tent.  

Outdoor/survival experience: When Petra’s not riding she’s running, climbing, riding, kayaking, mountain-biking, skiing and enjoying time friends and family. When she’s not doing any of those she’s planning and undertaking adventures like following the Colorado River from source to sea by canoe and bike with her husband and then eight month old son. Or crossing South America by horse. Or climbing Kilimanjaro. Or Mt Elbrus, Mt Ararat or the Usambara mountains in Uganda.

Why the Derby?

Since crossing South America on horseback I have been looking for something bigger and I have finally found the perfect race.
— Petra

Petra is raising money for Cool Earth